Monday, 30 January 2017

Missed Burn's Night?

Never mind; Club R.U.B. are dashing to your aid with

Rubber Cult: Saturday February the 4th.


Not Scottish enough for you? How about:

Pirates, Tartan & Kilts on the 25th?


Yes, I agree, there's not much tartan on the flyer.
The artist should be made to walk the haggis.

Through the Looking Glass

Club R.U.B.


Sat 21st. January: Alice in Wonderland

I thought twice about keeping this, snapping as it does at the heels of the English Mansion's Winter Wonderland, but isn't that Maddy Magellan from the early Jonathan Creek?

 Rubber Cult: Saturday February the 4th.


Monday, 9 January 2017

Happy New Year - Take Two

Give this a look - one week left:

Yeah, the picture is a link. Don't know if that helps.

Anyway, I re-posted this full-size Torture Garden photo:

That's from their "Not New Year's Eve" event.

Perhaps I should have titled this "Not Happy New Year" . . .

. . . or is that "Happy Not New Year"?